Non-voice process and finding pro in a nutshell

Non-voice BPO is a branch of business process outsourcing. Unlike the Voice process, BPO does not involve calls based on communication and oral language proficiency. This involves the business process carried out in the background for support and enhancement.  There are different types of non-voice projects depending on the client's needs. One must be clear about their portfolio, the nature of their services, and the scope of work.

It is important to know which clients to target in order to find sustainable clients. Social media has a lot of scope for business but it needs to be used very consciously as well as cautiously.

What are Non-voice Projects in BPO?                                                      Non voice Projects

There is a lot of demand in the market for non-voice processing. Every business needs these people to carry out various functions of the company.  There are different services that clients require. Depending on the service needed they approach different non-voice projects.  These include non-voice form-filling projects, data entry projects, typing projects, data handling projects, etc.

Different types of projects

BPO is a rapidly growing sector requiring many services. These services are grouped as non-voice projects depending on the non-voice processes they expect.   

  • Back-end transactions: Back-end transactions involve taking care of monetary transactions, checks, debts, credits, procurement, etc.
  • Customer support: The non-voice process also involves customer support sometimes. It involves helping people through email, messages, etc.
  • Help desk: IT help desks or support desks require non-voice processing. Almost every business needs a helpdesk to coordinate.
  • HR and team:  It involves administration, recruitment, documentation, etc. Often health care, education, IT, and other sectors look for HR and team services.
  • Technical support: The non-voice process involves technical support work beyond the help desk too. Tasks related to resolving problems or glitches with technical devices like computers, the internet, data, etc.

How to find non-voice projects?

It is not very easy to get to projects that are reliable and long-lasting. It needs groundwork, experience building, patience as well as professionality.

  • Social contacts

The idea of any business process involves strong social connections. Both word of mouth and social contact work wonders in getting projects. Also, extremely satisfied clients eventually become your social contacts.

  • Marketing and Advertising

It is also equally important to reach potential clients and it is possible by building strong advertising and marketing sources. It is suggestible to have an in-house team for it.

  • Clear portfolio

One must be clear about their portfolio, the nature of their services, and the scope of work. It is important because you will know which clients to target in order to find sustainable clients and build ties.

  • Product-based companies

Pitching product-based companies is a great idea. They will need a lot of backend non-voice executives to relay within and out of the company.

  • Delivery and transport systems

You can try finding out if there are requirements in companies that provide delivery or transportation and offer affiliation.

  • Healthcare organizations

Approach healthcare organizations that have scope for non-voice business processing. Most of the healthcare units have huge requirements for Business processing and operations.

  • Social media

Social media has a lot of scope for business but it needs to be used very consciously as well as cautiously. We need to filter the reliable ones from the others and then take up projects.  LinkedIn and Facebook are great sites for it.

Work-from-home opportunities in non-voice process

The majority of opportunities such as non-voice form-filling Projects, and data entry projects are often work-from-home and with flexible working hours. The non-voice process projects are a decent kickstart for career building. They are not restricted to age boundaries or specific degrees. Those wishing to work from home can make the most of it.

  • Decent pay: It has a decent pay range. Depending on the experience, skill set, and performance, this field offers growth and job satisfaction. Also, there is scope for getting paid in hours.
  • Highly Flexible: The nature of work is highly flexible. It can be done with a lot of comfort once the skills are mastered.

Skill check for non-voice process

Build a strong team. Candidates must have specific skill sets to be able to help the business in carrying out these support functions smoothly.   Each business typically expects trained candidates for the non-voice process. Non-voice BPO needs candidates who are fluent in writing skills. The candidate is expected to help the customers sitting behind the desk, with writing tasks like composing messages, emails, or form filling.

They must have processing as well as analytical skills to be able to work in various spheres of the business. They must have precise hang on computer and internet skills too. The resumes with good comprehension, analytical skills, and patience are bumped up.


Getting to reliable, long-lasting projects is not always simple. It requires preparation, gaining experience, patience, and professionalism, among other things. One must be explicit about their experience, services offered, and task scope. Social media offers many opportunities, but it must be handled with caution.


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