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Since the advent of the computer era, we have shifted to electronic processing, and managing bulk data projects and data entry services is one of them. So what actually is data entry?

The structuring of data or information in an organized manner with the help of any software into electronic format is known as Data Entry. The data processed could be in alphabetical, numerical, or alpha-numeric form. Also, the raw database could be converted into the form of electronic, handwritten, or audio files.

 As this work is quite demanding in nature, therefore, companies generally outsource such kind of services. Sometimes, the data processed is highly sensitive in nature but reputed outsourcing companies maintain the confidentiality of their work and maintain a verified approach. Though the work does not require much technical knowledge but a good hold on computer knowledge and deliverance of error-free results. Proficiency in certain data processing software like Ms Excel is a must to carry out this job.

Ascent BPO offers data entry services to several multinational companies, webinars, product launching companies, Event Organizers, and others. We deal in all kinds of simple as well as complex data entry projects. We stand at the top in the market for our accuracy-driven work approach, attention to detail, and quick turnaround time.

What types of data entry services do we offer?

Online data entry: If the data is in electronic form and it requires further processing that has been sourced from the online web portals then it is called online data entry.

Offline data entry: It does not require any internet resources. The work might also include the conversion of data from one format to another.

Survey Data entry: The compilation of the raw data of any survey conducted into a systematic format is called survey data entry.   Ascent BPO Data Entry Services

Image data entry: The conversion of data occupied from the image resources into a particular format is called image data entry.

Insurance claim data entry: we process general and medical insurance claims with verified documentation and efficiency.

PDF data entry: The conversion of data from the PDF format into any other format as required by the client which is easy to access.

XML data entry: The conversion of information from any other format into XML format without any error.

Excel data entry: The compilation of raw data with the help of spreadsheets to maintain heavy records and databases

MS Access data entry: The maintaining of the database with the help of MS Access.

Handwritten data entry: the conversion of manual data into digital format with the help of any data entry software.

Cart data entry: This includes the data related to the shopping product details and processing such kind of data is called Cart data entry.


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