Are trends in technology affecting Business Processing Outsourcing?

In the commercial industry, Business Process Outsourcing is growing at high rates and increasingly adapting to newer recently introduced technologies. Latest technologies like Artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud computing, and engineering, data analysis using programming languages, and many more have the greatest potential to enhance the business value generated by business outsourcing service providers.

Business outsourcing service providers are fully aware of trends in technology and most of them, if not all, are effectively creating opportunities to make use of these recent, enhanced technologies to better their services and produce the best results.

To fully understand how changes in technology enhance Process Outsourcing, in this article, we will discuss a few newly introduced technologies and understand how they can be integrated into the BPO Process service sectors.

Recent technologies that have an impact on Outsource Business Processes

Artificial Intelligence

By definition, artificial intelligence is explained as the ability of machines to act like human beings to perform business operations such as business data analysis, decision-making, data processing, and many more.

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, in short, has formed a different pattern of approach to business operations in most of the industries in the commercial world, BPO Processing also taking a high percentage in the change of pattern. The involvement of AI in the service recruitment sector has proved itself to decrease the complexity of business processes, resulting in improved and enhanced strategies to tackle business challenges and produce efficient results.

With the increasing demand from customers and fluctuating client requirements, AI technologies can be integrated into BPO Processing services and this will cause the services to be more reliable and economic in the most ways possible for businesses or the outsourcing organization.

As a simple example, AI technologies can be used by BPO service providers to offer better services in processes that involve bookkeeping and managerial accounting, voice recognition in customer relation services, big data analysis for effective decision-making, and many more.

Unified Communication

When explained, unified communication is referred to as the exchange of data using cloud delivery services and a channel of communication in the cyberspace. Unified communication comes with a package of handling different types of communication modes such as telephones, virtual meetings, unified messaging, rapid response messaging, voicemails as well as business operations that are communication enabled.

Ascent Bpo Companies that offer unified communication services perform their operations from a central hub which enables the server used for messages to efficiently manage the whole communication process from a single location.

Supported by Business Processing Outsourcing platforms, outsourcing organizations do not need to set up a complete IT support department to facilitate communication within and outside the organization. This makes organizations spend less and gain more.

Cloud-based platforms

These platforms play a huge role in enhancing the service provided by Ascent Bpo Companies. When combined with AI technologies, cloud-based platforms introduced new approaches to call center projects from traditional to the cloud and computerised Business Process Outsourcing resulting in the best customer experience.

With the help of these platforms, not only do outsourcing organizations benefit greatly, but, it also becomes cost-effective for Ascent Bpo Companies as well since they do not need to build cost-heavy data storage warehouses. Cloud-based platforms come with a package of benefits like the flexibility of storage needs, economic approaches to storing data as well as less complicated data access.

Big Data Analytics

Data and information of an organization are very crucial and must stay confidential at all times. The levels of importance of organizational data and information increase day by day. There is a great need for BPO Processing services in terms of analyzing big data. Just to set a practical example, client data can be gathered and utilized to create new ways of satisfactory services to clients, customers, and consumers.

Crucial decisions taken for business purposes can produce one of 2 outcomes, the success or the failure of the business. When Ascent Bpo Companies offer data analytics services to organizations, it becomes beneficial in the sense that the levels of accuracy and reliability in the results produced after market research and statistical activities, sales of business data, and/or accounting data for the business are guaranteed.


It is now common practice to perform and complete tasks in just a few clicks off late. Business Process Outsourcing & Outsource Business Processes practices are not an exception in this case as well.

Automated services like voice and face detection, biometrics, and many more save the time of customers, the time of an outsourcing organization, the time of BPO processing service providers as well as reduce costs of processes during business operations.

As a basic example, automated robotics that use AI to generate responses can be used to enhance services provided to customers and reduce the time customers need to wait until their issues can be solved. These automated services can be correctly utilized by Ascent BPO Companies that offer services in the field of automation since they send experts in that field to perform tasks.

What is the future of BPO Processing service providers?

Because of the advancements in the technological industry, a change in the patterns of performing business activities has been experienced in the commercial world and industries will experience more changes because technology keeps introducing new models day by day.

As years pass by, newer and better technologies will penetrate the business world. This will create business opportunities for Business Process Outsourcing to offer services to already existing organizations.


BPO Processing has proved to have a lot of benefits to organizations since it provides services that generate great business value and result in huge profits. Getting outsourced functions may be the next step to the greatest achievement for your organisation while, on the other hand, forming an outsourcing company may be the next step to your financial breakthrough.  Moreover, trends in technology force existing organisations to outsource services to successfully attain the set organisational goals.

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