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The majority of companies outsource project-related IT to separate specific companies to complete the task quickly. At the same time, it saves money as well. If a company hands over a data entry work job to a freelancer or an organization completely dedicated to the Data Entry business, the collaboration is known as ‘Data Entry Outsourcing’. Ascent BPO is a leading Data Entry and Outsourcing service that gives Data Entry services at the best price and global quality in insisted time frames.

Ascent BPO offers special and supreme Data Entry and data processing services from India with complete confidentiality and a better level of truth. Our team of professional people makes sure for 99.99% accuracy. We are Data Entry Projects & Outsourcing Services Provider in Lucknow for different choices starting from capturing the textual data to the published subject, scanned images, manuscripts, and web research among others.

Focus on Accuracy

The 'Accuracy' of data entered is important for quality Data Entry work as a wrong number, symbol, or even letter can throw off the complete command function incorporated in the codes of the computer. Our operators can update the website, enter the data and fill in the medical information. However, the majority of companies need operators to come to a specific area for the purpose of training as well as testing to assuring the output.

Types of Data Entry Services

Ascent BPO gives a diverse range of Data Entry Services for clients to select from:

  • Online Data Entry and Offline Data Entry     Data Entry Projects & Outsourcing Services Provider in Lucknow
  •  Images and Book Data Entry
  • Bulk Pdf Data Entry
  • Copy and Paste Data Entry from the Pdf                                                 
  •  Amazon Product Data Entry
  •  eBay Product Data Entry
  •  Medical Claim Data Entry
  •  Patient-Record Data Entry
  • Data Entry for Surveys
  • Data Entry for Credit-Card Applications
  • Product Registration Card Data Entry
  • Shipping Document Data Entry

Data entered into the databases normally includes names and addresses; information on computer programming, information on finance, and medical records among others. Different kinds of data transcribed are details in spreadsheets, handwritten papers, sequences of numbers, or lists of computer codes. The organizations make use of audio inputs in which operators take note of call-outs to get data into a system of computing.

The Data Entry services have a wonderful collection of operators which includes full-time and part-time operators. Computing needs constantly evolving information on a regular basis, the data entry process can be started from the ease of one’s house.

If you are doing business in Lucknow and looking to complete the data entry project and outsourcing project, then you can contact Ascent BPO for more information. 

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