Tackle the Fear of Corona with your Courageous Will.


The fear of death is superseded by the fear of life. And this fear is being witnessed by every single individual on earth by the onset of the dreadful dementor, named Corona. It is one of the evilest of catastrophes the earth has ever faced.

And as seen from the historical times till date, it is the common man who suffers in everything. Whether it is the world wars, bombing or militant wars, the common men who form the bulk of the society, have to pay all the prices. So is the situation of them in this atrocious pandemic.

2020 has brought us into a new decade of the 21st century which dawned with the Corona virus in its veins. This deadly virus has feeded upon the lives of many people and created a severe havoc in the history of mankind.

Noone has ever wondered that this time will also come when people will be forced to fight for air. In today's scenario, the second wave of Corona has hit so hard that people are wriggling for medications. Now people are compelled to reserve hospital beds to get treatment. Brawling is happening for the stock of medicines. Even people are paying heavy rates for oxygen cylinders. Vaccine is not available for the majority of people and moreover it's not effective enough to tackle covid disease.

The courage of people is shaking with helplessness, rage and also with fear. Many people are forcing their weary body up and their eyes burning with rage and agony. Few are having enough of nearly dying. These losses have filled the people to the brim with pain and misery.

These weary feelings have also taken its toll on the most courageous of people. It is really very hard to hold on to the very things that made us humans, when there is nothing good left inside of us. In fact, many of us are no longer feeling human. There is no feeling left rather than anger and agony.

But fighting back is always in our hands. It's the one who fights is the one who survives. When the going becomes tough, one should put one foot in front of the other and just keep going on.

We know we have to put up a brave fight against an enemy whom we cannot even see. But will power is even more worthy than the immunity of an individual. Will can find ways even in the darkest of places.

If we cannot tackle it directly, we can follow the precautions to avoid it. As said, precaution is better than cure, therefore, wearing masks, maintaining social distance, using sanitizers and getting vaccinated can be followed to survive safely.

It's never too late to start. So begin and continue the precautions without any recklessness. And never ever let your courage face any downfall in even the worst of situations, cause it's courage only which can possible the most impossible of things.

Last but not the least, we should not give up ever at all. We never lose until we accept it. And life is much more precious and valuable to lose it in the hands of the petty invisible attacker. So be affirmed and take care of yourself and your family.



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