Mortgage data entry projects and outsourcing services

Mortgage Data Entry is a simple offline form filling  process by which data from different fields of entry is extracted and filled in the blank form software provided by the Delivery Partner having User ID. The service of form filling  relating to different sectors like education, Finance, travel etc underlies in the corner of Mortgage Data Entry Projects.

As it is a simple form filling project, there are 32 fields in each form. The data provided to the Delivery Associate is in the form of an image/encrypted which is further filled in the blank form software.

The services Ascent Bpo is reliable for :

Training of Work

We honor our customers with respect to ensure customer satisfaction by rewarding quality work on right time and in a right manner. We provide Training for 7 days which includes 4 days of online and 3 days of onsite Training to ensure proper clearity to the client in order to improve the project knowledge.

Technical Support 

Technical support from Our Specially trained Executive will be provided to the client during the whole project tenure. Our Trainer are specially expertized and can provide you manuscripts, scanned images, web search, etc.

Quality Assurance

Quality is assured with all data entry reports going through 3 levels of checking by editors, proofreaders and editors to provide 99.5% accuracy. We always use the same data entry unit for the same office.

Hiring Support

We provide hiring support to the client. Our Expert Hiring Team ensures the hiring of good staff with high typing speed and accuracy. With the help of which not only will you reduce your precious time and efforts but also reduce the costs.

Quality Check Software

Extra quality checking software is provided to the client which ensures in increasing the accuracy parameters of the client which results in high billing. The quality check software works on manual checking wherein the software runs for 24x7.

Mortgage Data Entry Projects

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