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In today’s competitive world everyone desires the best, be it the best services or best technology or best manpower, and so on. It is no hidden fact that many big and small companies from various countries are attracted to India for outsourcing services because of our quality and dedication. The outsourcing industry is certainly a boon for both the parties that is the services providers and the clients, as on one hand outsourcing agencies get employment on a larger scale whereas on the other hand client companies get their work at low cost and on time.


Almost all product and service-based companies procure a large volume of data that has certain confidential or general information like companies records, financial records, employee details, project details, and more, furthermore this data get accumulated over a period of time so in order to manage this data, the companies need extra infrastructure and manpower who would specifically look into this department which is to some extend non-technical profile but need attentive attitude, for these purpose companies look for alternative options like outsourcing services who would handle their database with care.


After taking up the specific project from the source company the outsourcing company would forward that data entry project to its team based on the requirement of the project. If you are looking forward to making a career in this profile of data entry project outsourcing then you must know the details of this profile before you unknowingly jump into this field. So, a data entry project is not just about copying data from one file to another there are sub-divisions within this field. Let us know a few of them

  • Data Entry Services: It includes entry work either from digital files or hard copies. Projects like employee or customer details where a database is maintained containing the personal/professional track record of the person.
  • Data Conversion: All those who know the computer must be aware that digital files come in different formats like pdf, excel sheets, jpg files, and others. So, there are certain data entry projects in which information needs to be converted from one form to another, like data present in an image file needs to be converted into an excel format.
  • Scanning and Indexing: By this time, you must be clear that data entry project outsourcing companies are not just limited to digital data but hard-copy data also what they manage with detailed attention. Converting hard-copy data into a digital file and then further managing it is also a part of the data entry service.
  • Web Research: It includes different types of data like take an example of a case where client companies that are customer-based need reviews of their services/products and for that, they need to conduct a survey or if they are looking for specific statistics of the market or customer behavior to make their service better, then for all such purposes they hire data entry process outsourcing companies who handle such profiles with care.

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