How outsourcing companies are dealing with the deadly corona virus outbreak

The rapid spread of COVID-19 is making headlines all over the world as it has affected not just a few individuals, groups or society but 95% countries of the world are severely affected at the social, cultural and economic fronts. But work must go on if not this way then that way!

Social distancing is a trending practice nowadays that is applicable in corporate sectors too. Here again, the world is suffering from a pandemic and life is the most essential asset that we could have so many affected countries have called for a shutdown as safety precautions to restrict the further transmission of this deadly virus.

Currently, India is in the second stage of this virus outbreak and the next few weeks are quite critical so the government has acted proactively in the initial stage and taking all necessary steps to avoid any further transmission of the virus from the affected people.

The accelerating trajectory of confirmed positive cases has forced the world to bring change in its daily routine for a while and the corporate world is not untouched of this major change caused due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The business world is trying a new form of work culture, finding alternate ways and reframing the traditional work-system to carry out their work so that virus-spread could least hamper their business commitments. Like many other countries, the government of India has also advised private firms and multi-national companies including the BPO sector, IT industry and business outsourcing companies to take all necessary measures to minimize any possibility of virus transmission.

 Large numbers of companies are providing work-from-home to a large percentage of employees so that work doesn’t suffer amidst this time of crisis. The rest of the companies that could not provide home-facility owing to technical dependence are asked to follow the health-protocol strictly and adapt the frequent sanitization in their premises.

By allowing employees to work remotely if we consider it on a larger scale, companies are cutting down the risk of virus-spread at an extensive level. Tele presence and video conferencing are new ways of conducting board meetings and discussing all other business-related presentations.

Outsourcing companies deal in domestic as well as international business processing and have their large number of clients located in foreign lands and traveling is quite frequent in-between these countries. Business trips are on regular basis but early awareness of this deadly virus helped to restrict its spread as several employees who were traveling from affected regions were asked to quarantine for the required time and tested before they come to their work-place. Corporate employees who showed any symptoms related to COVID-2019 or sick were asked to stay-home. Self-imposed restrictions and precautions are necessary to avoid any circumstances that might lead to virus-spread.

As per government circulars and advisory, outsourcing companies and other corporate sector were asked to avoid any further business travel to affected countries like China, Spain, Italy and other European countries as suspension of all non-essential travel at personal or business level shall further help to minimize the possibility of acquiring the virus.

Private companies are following the health protocol as advised by health organizations and this has reduced the potential threat related to this deadly virus by taking necessary precautions and following preventive measures. A new form of work-culture has developed in such a short period of time that might slow-down the normal work-functioning and restrict few processes but it is need of the hour that business companies must stick to this method and contribute their share in this global recovery strategy till our surroundings are completely free from this death-causing virus and we are back to a healthy environment.


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