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With changing times business strategy is changing and online work is gaining more popularity in various domains. According to the recent trend, people seem to be more and more interested in online jobs and, therefore, search for home-based works is increasing. It is not just the job-seeker who want this comfort based jobs but recruiters too are expanding their work horizons and opening opportunity for more people in and outside their home country.

When the internet is home to such an excellent job opportunities then why not grab the best for you and start earning now! If you are looking for a comfortable job where you do not have to follow a traditional routine like 9-5 job then check out for project-based works where you are hired for a particular assignment with a deadline and you get paid for it after you have submitted your complete work. Now, if you are a new-comer then you must be wondering how and where to look for such jobs! No worries, keep reading and you will find it.

So, let us know about a few job profiles that are not so demanding but need basic skill-set like a sound understanding of the English language, basic computer knowledge, and good communication skill.

  1. Data Entry Process: This popular profile and an interesting one too as you will get to work for different sectors like Healthcare, IT-industry, Banks & Insurance institutions and many more.
  2. Data Conversion: As you know digital files are created and stored in different file formats like jpg, XML, pdf and others, their sources might differ, and therefore, their format too differs. Outsourcing companies provide such projects to people who are interested to work in this field where one has to convert and arrange the data.
  3. Web-Research: This profile includes internet research for various things based on the requirement like price, customer preference, product research and more. It is an analytical job and people with good communication and logical mind are most welcome to work in this domain.
  4. Scanning & Indexing: Sometimes data is collected in the form of images, OMR, OCR, and in a coded format that requires further processing. Extracting this data correctly from the original source and processing it into a readable and accessible format is called scanning & indexing.

Ascent BPO is a data entry outsourcing company that provides this earning opportunity to you. We work for different sectors; therefore, our projects are not limited to one type of industry. If you are looking for a data entry outsourcing works in Bangladesh then start working with us from your location and turn your time into your money.

We have a large number of ongoing and upcoming projects headed by our experienced team leaders who have profound knowledge of this field. Our recruiters are looking for hard-working candidates who are looking for data entry works in Nepal and can work with us for a long span. If you have that in you then give us call on 0120-4258054 or drop your queries at

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